Air Freight Transportation

Transportation of animals, food, plants and other special cargo.

Customs Service

Secured Party of Customs (AEOF) / Authorized Fiscal Representative for foreign companies.

Freight Handling

Security storage / acceptance on site / delivery and collection service.

Available 365 days

Available every day of the year. By phone or email. Short-term inquiries are also possible.

Services & Process

Air Cargo Handling

Our Services

Here you will find a detailed description of our services and the process.

Air Freight Transport

As a regulated agent (RegB), we take on the transport of animals, food, plants, sensitive material, oversized objects and other special freight.


Customs Service Import & Export

As a safe party to customs (AEOF), approved fiscal representative for foreign companies and through many years of experience, we simplify the customs clearance process.

Complete Freight Handling

We take care of the complete processing of your shipment for you, from acceptance on site or collection to safe storage and supply, applications, documents and customs clearance to the actual transport.

You can find out more about this under Our all-round service.



The Process From Your Point Of View

It’s so easy to send your special freight through us.







You can report an order to us or clarify the general conditions every day of the year, by telephone or e-mail. Short-term settlements are also possible.



In order for us to be able to work for you, we need a few documents. Important forms can be found in our download area.

We will inform you promptly about any additional forms that may be required.



You submit all the necessary documents to us and confirm the order in writing. You can also do this in advance by email or fax.



Ultimately, of course, the actual shipment has to find its way to us. You can bring them to the airport yourself, have them delivered or order our pick-up service. That’s it!
Of course, you will receive a notification as soon as your cargo has reached its destination.

Our All-Round Service

Order Taking Service

You can submit a freight order to us at any time by telephone or e-mail – you are also welcome to do so directly on site during our office opening hours. A pick-up or delivery service for your shipment is possible on request.

Freight Handling

Veterinary, plant protection and BLE processing directly in our building. As a secure party to customs (AOEF) and approved fiscal representative, we also optimize customs clearance.

Transport By Plane

We find and organize a suitable flight and ensure the best possible shipment-specific storage and monitoring during the flight. The destination airport will be informed about the further processing and will take over the process.

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